An inspiring 10-year-old boy, born without his right leg, has no limitations!

Diego Mercado was born without his right leg and 2 fingers, on his right hand, as well.

A recent viral video of Diego, shows him training with retired Marine and amputee Jose Sanchez—who lost his leg, while in Afghanistan—at Warrior Fitness Center in San Antonio, Texas. They do push up together, as well as flipping a humongous tire, for quite a ways. With their prosthetics, they have no restraints and they seem to motivate one another.

Diego’s father, Jason Mercado, is a captain in the Army, and he shared that he is pleased with Sanchez’s motivation, “He was trying to show Diego he can rise above his own hardships.”

Aside from what is shown in the video, the two friends run; do multiple exercises; and jump rope. We can see why Diego’s father is proud of his son.

These two friends do not only inspire and motivate one another, but they encourage others to reach their goals. We only have limitations that we set for ourselves. Nothing is impossible if we truly aspire to accomplish it . . . especially with God!

I am truly grateful for our military. They are selfless and courageous, despite their many hardships. May God bless them, abundantly!

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Video: Diego4Warriors