A Boy’s Life Is Saved By His Friend Who Lives Thousands Of Miles Apart!



A 16-year-old boy from Oxford, England is saved after Facebook chat with his friend.

His friend, also 16, notified her mother after she received a very alarming and suspicious message from him.

“I’m going away to do something I’ve been thinking about for a while then everyone will find out.”

It was then when her mother called local police; from there, they were able to contact the British Embassy stationed in Washington. A police control room in Abingdon was notified, and they finally found the boy from one of the several addresses they traced.

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He had overdosed on a bottle of pills but was still conscious as he made a full recovery at the hospital.

Holy Lord,

Please be with all of those who suffer from depression and are contemplating suicide. Let your love grace, and mercy flow over them like a river so that they may feel your presence. Allow them to open their hearts to you so that you may reassure them in their faith.  


Article: BBC News