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In Lumberton North Carolina, what could have ended as a tragic story, turned into a story of quick thinking, amazing luck, and heroic action. Finding himself at the center of scene, was a boy named Cory Lewis, who became a Hero for 50 of his fellow classmates.

On the way back from school one day, a car slammed right into the back of their packed school bus. The driver fell to the floor unconscious sending the school bus drifting toward an embankment lined with trees.

“We were going across the stop sign, and we got halfway across when a car hit us. I noticed the bus driver wasn’t in her seat, I got up from off the ground, I went up there and I hit the brake,” said Lewis. Reacting completely off instinct, and realizing the bus was still moving he darted over to get the bus stopped.

In an amazing coincidence Cory’s Mother, Lisa Locklear, has been a bus driver for over 20 years, “each morning her son helps her with all of her buses security checks, but she never thought that training would come in handy until now. It makes me feel good within myself that all that I’ve taught him is not in vain,” said Locklear.

The fortune in the story continues, since Cory wasn’t even supposed to be on the bus that day. His Mother knows luck really had nothing to do with it, “I just feel in my heart that God put him on that bus for a reason,” said Locklear.

Fairgrove Middle School officially venerated the boy naming him an honorary Hero for his actions. The bus driver, the students, as well as the driver of the car, all turned out ok thanks to this one boy. “Cory is my little hero. He is my little hero,” said Locklear.

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Article: WBTW