Britain’s Loneliest Dog

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After spending over 6 years locked up in an animal shelter in Britain, Dotty the Dalmation was literally on his last leg. Looking down death all the shelter workers could wish for was a home for Dotty so that she could die peacefully, in the arms of someone that loved her. Visited and viewed over 10,000 times by potential adopters, no one was willing to make the commitment. She was sick, depressed, and at age 7, Dotty had spent nearly 90% of her life caged in a kennel. She’s had been dubbed “Britains loneliest dog,” and Dotty needed a miracle to survive.

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Dotty Dog Dying Britain Shelter Miracle

Image: Mirror UK

That miracle finally came for Dotty on the morning of Tuesday, December 8th, in the form of a couple named Ed and Janice Darrall. The two heard about Dotty from an article in the Daily Mirror, and they decided that they simply couldn’t let this opportunity to save Dotty’s life slip by. Malnourished, and on the brink of death, they decided to adopt Dotty. What happened next was truly amazing.

Dying Dog Dotty Waiting Christmas Miracle

Image: Mirror UK

They brought Dotty home and began to shower her with love and affection. They fed and nourished her, and amazingly Dotty’s desperate situation seemed to turn around.

Dog Dotty Cage Christmas Miracle

Image: Mirror UK

They dying Dotty began to bounce back, quicker than ever.

Dotty Dog Adopted Christmas Miracle

Image: Mirror UK

It is truly heart-warming what a little bit of love can do. Dotty wishes you a Very Merry Christmas.

Dog Dotty Rescued Christmas Miracle

Image: Mirror UK

Watch the full video of Dotty’s Story below.

Merry Christmas Everyone.