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According to Eye Smart, a nevus  is similar to a mole but in the eye. This common benign, pigmented growth, similar to a mole on your skin, is sometimes called a “freckle in the eye.”

“A nevus can occur either in the front of your eye, around the iris or colored part of the eye, or beneath the retina in the back of the eye. A nevus beneath the retina is called a choroidal nevus.”

However, just like a mole on the skin, it can become cancerous. It is important to have eye check-ups every year. says that photography is typically used to document the size of the choroidal nevus.

“If the choroidal nevus has orange pigmentation, if the nevus is leaking fluid, or has a thickness of 2 mm or more it may be (or become) a malignant choroidal melanoma.”