A Bus Driver Went With His Gut Feeling And Saved A Child

Bus driver saves from kidnapping

Image: Video Screenshot

A 3-year-old boy was reported missing from a library outside San Francisco through an amber alert, that’s how Tim Watson first knew about the boy.

Tim, a Valley Transportation Authority bus driver, had seen a man and boy on his bus that matched the description of said missing child. When he noticed that the boy was crying without end, his paternal instincts kicked in.

Tim knew he had to make sure it was the boy before he did anything too extreme. Instead of questioning or calling attention to the man and the boy, Tim pulled the bus over and started asking all of the passengers if they’d seen a missing backpack. This was just a ploy to determine the identity of the boy.

When Tim saw that the boy was wearing a pair of red Crocs on his feet, as described on the news, he knew that had to be him.

He then drove the bus to the police station, where police officers were waiting.

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Video: WFTV Orlando