Not Only Did He Save Her Life, But He Saved Others By Stopping The Jeep From Potentially Crashing

August 11th, 2015 – Paul Healy was in the right place at the right time. In Quincy, Massachusetts, the 14-year Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority driver saved the life of a woman who suffered a seizure while driving.

In the area of Quincy Avenue and East Howard, the driver aside to him was slumped over in her Jeep and was losing control of the vehicle.

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Denise McDonald is the woman Healy saved. She says,

It was just one of those every days… I was late for an appointment. I ran out without having any breakfast. I had low blood sugar.”

According to Healy, he was able to maneuver the bus in a way so that the Jeep would slow down without hitting someone or something. Amazingly, the vehicle came to a stop.
Immediately, Healy put his bus in park and ran out of the bus to help the woman. He then notified a dispatcher who was able to call for an ambulance.
McDonald says,

“It could have been so much worse and it turned out to be the best possible outcome,”
“I am very grateful…. I hope I can get the opportunity to say thank you to him personally. He was my guardian angel.”

What this man was able to do is truly remarkable. God and his angels were by his side.

Video: mbtagm
Article: WCB/My Fox Boston