Cafe Opens Doors After Hours To Help Homeless Dogs

At 3 a.m. each night, as the last customer leaves the Hott Spot Café in Greece, their doors begin to open to a different type of customer. Homeless dogs. When temperatures reach their lowest point, and the shop lights around the city go out, stray dogs with nowhere to call home begin to venture in. They come from all over the city looking for a warm place to sleep, and this cafe welcomes them all.

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Antonis, who is a waiter at the café explains, “In the city there are many dogs. When the bar closes each night, the dogs come and sleep here. We don’t have a problem. [Since] July, every night there is a dog on the couch.” He says that the kind act has become a sort of attraction to their customers, who snap photos of the loveable furry guests.

Stray dogs have become a bigger problem in Greece since the country has been going through a debt crisis. Along with a warm couch, the café regularly tries to find good homes for the misfortunate animals.

Article: Huffington Post