Lost Disabled Man Has Miracle

Edgar Latulip, from Ontario Canada, disappeared from his home for children with disabilities almost 3 decades ago. His Mom, Sylvia Wilson, said she hadn’t seen her son since he suffered a head injury getting on a bus almost 30 years ago when he was 21.

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Man Lost 30 Years Reunited Family Disability Alternate Identity

Image: Metro UK

The injury Edgar suffered, had caused him to lose his memory, he assumed a new identity and had been living in Niagra under his new name ever since. With a mental age of about 12-years-old, his family had grave concerns about his well-being. Sylvia told The Record,  “I want to talk to him and help him out any way I can. I just want to see him,’ his mum Sylvia Wilson told the Record.”

Edgar began having flashbacks from his old life and started to remember certain things about his identity. With the help of DNA, authorities were able to ID Edgar, leading his social worker to discover he was a missing person.

Edgar is preparing to reunite with his family once again for the first time.

Article: Metro UK