Candace Cameron Bure Quits “The View” After A Heated Argument Of Alleged Prejudice At The Oscars

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“The View” had quite the spectacle on Tuesday as co-host Candace Cameron Bure became sick and left the hosts’ table after her receiving some personal attacks.

Whoopi Goldberg became really passionate as the discussion of the Oscars boycott came into topic. If you havn’t heard about the boycott, it is happening because this year marked the second year in a row in which only caucasian “white” actors and actresses were chosen as nominees. The lack of diversity started a trend among many actors and actresses.

“I am mad about this! The issue is, look, this happens every year…” she said. “You make a statement all year, not just once a year.”

Whoopi seemed really heated towards her fellow hosts and interrupted them several times to demand they let her finish talking.

At one point, Whoopi said to Bure:

“Well you know what, I talk about God, you gotta talk about these damn movies,”

Many fans took notice:

the view

Image: Fox

When “The View” returned from its commercial break, Bure was still missing from the table.

“Candace hadn’t been feeling well for the last couple hours so that’s why I asked her if she needed some juice,” Goldberg said after the commercial break.

Even if that really was the truth, many fans didn’t believe it:

the view2

Image: Fox

What are your thoughts? Is the Oscars boycott necessary? Or perhaps there is something more towards the issue? Whatever the case may be, we pray that people put down their swords and unify to give praise to God instead of themselves. AMEN!

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Article: Fox News
Video: The View