Is this ugly Christmas sweater sending an ugly message?

Candace Cameron Bure took a selfie wearing an ugly Christmas sweater that has prompted many Christians to respond. The sweater shows Jesus throwing up a peace sign next to Santa, which many Christians are calling blasphemous.

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Image: Instagram

On her Instagram post describing the sweater Candace said, “…Christmas for most, is about Santa, the ‘holidays’ presents and cheer… But for me, it’s Jesus…I see this sweater as a bridge between commercialism and the real meaning of Christmas, that invites conversation.”

Even with her explanation, many still flooded her with comments disappointed in her choice of a Christmas sweater. Still others defended her stating that it is the heart of the person that counts not the outer appearance.

It is important to remember that there are many people who still do not know Christ. To them, Christmas is about Santa. Candace’s sweater had both negative and positive feedback. As Candace mentioned, her sweater was to “invite conversation.” I think that Candace’s goal with her sweater to get people to start talking about Santa and Jesus. What is your opinion of her sweater? It’s okay to disagree.

Article: Instagram