Now Everyone Wants To Share Their Own!

Candace Cameron Bure, is the Full House child star, probably best known for her appearances on the TV show “The View”. She has a solid reputation for being an outspoken Christian, who isn’t afraid to show off her faith. Recently, she made a bold statement during an appearance on the show that is causing many people to follow suit.

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Candace Jesus Sweater

Image: Facebook/ Candace Cameron Bure

The sweatshirt she wore, boldly proclaimed the phrase:

Jesus Saves. Bro.

Those 3 little words ignited huge praise from her fans. Many sought the sweater she wore and even made their own versions so that they, like her, could also show off how much they appreciate our Lord and Savior.

The Facebook post quickly received over 30 thousand likes within 30 minutes of being posted, with tens of thousands more on Instagram.

One mother, named Stacey Sparks-Nourie, was so ecstatic she got one printed up herself and just had to show it off:

Jesus Saves Bro sweater

Image: Stacey Sparks-Nourie

“Saw you with this on one day and had to get my son one made.”

Article: Candace Cameron Bure