Whoopi Goldberg Argument Candace Cameron Bure

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Bure Confirms That She Was Ill After Heated Debate With Goldberg

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“I am mad about this! The issue is, look, this happens every year…” she said. “You make a statement all year, not just once a year.”

“Well you know what, I talk about God, you gotta talk about these damn movies,” Goldberg complains to Bure.

After Bure’s personal attack, many viewers took to twitter:

“@TheView WOW Whoopi! Could you have been any more rude towards Candice??” -blasianFMA

“@chet5409 candance was trying to move the convo along and whoopie said “You talk about god every day we’re talking about movies.” -Sheela Simone

“@TheView @WhoopiGoldberg needs to apologize to @candancecbure! Candace was just sitting & listening. You was the 1 who turned to Can to laugh.” -Larry Ferguson

After the argument, Bure left the view leaving viewers wondering what happened to her. The View says that she became ill and had to leave. Bure took to twitter to confirm this information. However, many are still outraged over Goldberg’s heated remarks.

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Image: Candace Cameron Bure

Image: Candace Cameron Bure

Article: Fox