21st Century Theft Deterrent

The best 21st-century anti-theft device might just be a 19th-century invention called the stick-shift. It comes standard on many cars today, yet car companies have been attempting to phase out the manual transmission in many models for the newer, easier to use, automatic transmission. This strategy might be something carmakers may want to re-think, as this story coming out of Pittsburgh explains. (Continued Below)

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Robbers Car Jackers Thwarted Stopped Run From Stick Shift Vehicle Car

Pittsburg Police Officers are still on the search for two would-be carjackers that were thwarted by a simple, yet standard device. The stick-shift. The pair walked up to the drivers side door of 28-year-old, man and tapped the window with a handgun. Ordering the man out of the car, they demanded his money and wallet. Once they realized he had neither, their anger grew and told him to give them his keys and cell phone. Police Spokeswoman, Emily Schaffer told reporters,  “when the victim told the suspect the car had a manual transmission they decided they didn’t want it and ran away.”

God was sure watching over this man! 🙂
Article: CNS News