Carrie Underwood Plans On Raising Son Christaian

Image: GoChirpy

Carrie Underwood who won the country world with her voice and devotion to the Christian faith is now tacking motherhood. After seven months of the daily newborn routine of changing diapers and giving baths, Carrie is starting to feel confident about motherhood.

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Even though her son Isaiah Michael is only 7 months, Carrie and her husband Mike Fisher have begun a nightly ritual of reading children’s Bible stories to little Isaiah. As proud Christians, Carrie and Mike want to raise their son Isaiah Michael to love others.


Image: Heather Pohlman

Recently Carrie told People Magazine,

“Mike and I talk about teaching him how to approach everybody in a loving way, even if they’re not the same, and to try to say, ‘You know what? God loves them, so it should be my job to do my best to love them as well.”

Article: People Magazine