All In The Family

When a nursing mother dog was suddenly struck and killed by a speeding car, it left her two newborn puppies to fend for themselves, stuck on the side of the road. Spotted by two workers passing by they brought the two orphans to the nearby, LaGrange Animal shelter. When the shelter received the pups, they knew there was little time to get them to nursed back to health, but there were no nursing mother dogs available for the job. It was at that moment when shelter workers decided they had to take some extraordinarily creative steps.

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Puppies Saved Officer Mother Struck Car Orphaned Cat Nurse Litter

Image: LaGrange Animal Shelter

The vet team decided to pair up the pups with two nursing mother cats, introducing the estranged puppies into their litters. Each mother cat (one with 5 kittens and one with 6) took in the puppies as their own,” said Animal Service Supervisor Officer Chris Bussey.

Mother Cat Nurses Two Orphaned Newborn Baby Puppies Struck Car Officer Rescued Litter

Image: LaGrange Animal Shelter

“The kittens themselves are also taking to their new friends,” Bussey said, “They all sleep together, it’s just another brother sister to them.”

Though the scene might have looked a bit odd at first, the tactic seemed to have been working and within 2 weeks they will be stable enough to be released to the care of veterinarians at Puppy Pipeline in Roswell.

Bussey told 11 Alive, “There is no program for this, it all happened pretty organically. There has also been an outpouring of support for the unlikely pair across social media,” he said.

Article: 11 Alive