Unstoppable Kitty

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Kitty Cat Bunny Born Without Legs Disability Inspiration

Image: Instagram/ lilbunnysueroux

“Meet Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, a Siamese mix cat, who was born without her front legs.” Roux the cat is a special kind of kitty because what she lacks in paws she certainly makes up for with in spirit. Never letting her disability stop her, she dares to be different. Sure, she may not be what people expect her to be- bouncing around on her hind legs, but that’s what makes her, her.

Bunny Cat Kitty Born Without Legs Disability

Image: Instagram/ lilbunnysueroux

Check out Roux’s story below.

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Cat Born Legs Missing Kitty Cute Buny Rabbit

Image: Instagram/ lilbunnysueroux

Video: The Dodo