4 Of A Kind

Husky Dogs Share Pack Cat Rescue Stray Belongs Family Friends

Image: Instagram/ lilothehusky

Rosie the cat has a life that can almost only be described by the words of a comedian narrating an illustrated cartoon movie. Joining the pack of 3 Siberian Husky dogs after being taken in as a stray, a cat has literally become part of this tight-knit  family of dogs.

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They found her as a wondering kitten, one of the dogs, Lilo, began to nurture the kitten as if she were one of her own pups. Fast-forward a year, and Rosie the little cat, along with Lilo the Husky and her 2 siblings, Infinity and Miko- are a group of friends no one ever would have expected.

The friends do everything together, and even when it comes time to taking walks, Rosie the cat has no problem walking on a leash just like her best buds. The new patchwork family has become a popular sensation on social sites boasting a Facebook page, Instagram, and even a Twitter account to keep up with their stories and hijinx.

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Image: Instagram/ lilothehusky

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