Celine Dion Attends Rene's Wake

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Celine Dion Tearfully Attends Rene Angelil’s Open-Casket Wake

Love is a beautiful thing. Rene Angelil’s final act was taking away the burden and pain of his beloved wife, Celine, by organizing his own funeral. (Video Below)

Rene Angelil’s wake was just held at the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. His widow, Celine Dion, bravely greeted guests at his open casket wake.

His photo was displayed publicly outside so the public can also express their condolences.

The church holds so much meaning to the couple. It is where they exchanged their vows, and baptized their first child, Rene-Charles.

Rene-Charles, now aged 14, stood by his mother beside his father’s casket. Celine did have alone time together, and waiting with bated breath, a tender moment occurred. Celine was seen placing her hand on her late husband’s body.

A return to the cathedral will be on Friday for Rene’s Funeral. The service will be lead by the Archbishop of Montreal, and The Premier of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, had made the decision to declare it a national funeral to honor Rene as he was born in the city.

It is expected that law enforcement and thousands of fans will attend the event. The police will be wearing their uniforms out of respect for Rene although they have been wearing camouflage out of protest of unfair wages.

For the fans unable to attend the funeral they will be able to view the ceremony on Canadian television.

Angelil passed on this Jan 14th, just two days before his 74th birthday, after his long battle with throat cancer.

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