Rene Angelil Funeral


The Details Of Rene Angelil’s Funeral Is Absolutely Beautiful

Celine Dion and the three boys she has with Rene, Rene-Charles (14) and twins Nelson and Eddy (5), walked with their mother hand-in-hand into the cathedral.

Rene Angelil’s funeral was held at 3p.m. this Friday at Montreal’s Notre-Dame Basilica.

Dion, dressed in black with her boys, covered her face with a black veil and held lilies in her hand. The lilies of the valley were also fastened to each of the pews.

With the lilies, Dion ornated them on top of her husband’s casket in the form of a cross. 14-year-old Rene-Charles then placed a pillow on his father’s casket.

Rene Angelil Funeral


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Angelil’s older son, from another marriage, spoke first in French and was then followed by Rene-Charles briefly in English.

“Dad, I promise you here that we are all going to live up to your standards,” Rene-Charles spoke before he left the altar to hug his mother, Celine.

Communion was also held at the full Catholic funeral; where Dion and Rene-Charles were the first to receive it. After sitting down, Dion tenderly rubbed her eldest boy on the back; as the choir finished the hymn in french.

Attendees later listened to a recording of Dion singing “Love Still Exists.”

As the funeral mass ended, Dion and her son Rene-Charles held on tightly onto one another as they walked up to sign the register. Back in the pew, Dion was given a small pillow with rings on it, which she placed on her own fingers. (Continued Below)

Celine Dion Sitting In Pew With Sons


As she exited with tears in her eyes, A French version of her singing “For You to Love Me Again” filled the basilica. She offered small smiles and nods to the mourners as she was walking alongside the casket with family members. Many of the attendees were also crying.

Outside a hearse waited, and as the family stood on the church steps, a bell rang as Rene’s casket was placed inside.

One local reporter said that amount of fans and mourners that flocked to the area far surpassed the amount to gathered for a glimpse of the couple’s 1994 wedding.

At 2p.m. the doors opened to let mourners in. At the same time, fans and locals lined nearby streets in the 27-degree weather behind barricades to watch arrivals across the street and down the block. Regular traffic was closed down the street.

Every seat inside the basilica was topped with a mini-pack of tissues and a program written mostly in French.

A part in it read: “”According to his wishes, all of Céline’s songs were chosen by René. Those include: “Trois Heures 20,” “L’Amour Existe Encore” and “All the Way.”

On the back of the program held a candid photo of Dion and Angelil happy together.

The Back Of Rene Angelil's Program


A heartfelt letter from Stéphane Laporte, the director of Dion’s Las Vegas show, was also included in the program.

“René doesn’t demand respect. He does better than that, he offers it,” he wrote. “Because the most respected man of show business is the one who respects others the most. His genius is to think of everything, to never forget anyone.”

He also spoke of the incredible bond Angélil shared with Dion.

“Never did one single love matter more in the world than that of René’s for Céline,” Laporte wrote. “And Céline’s for René. The lover is no longer. But the love is always there. In her. In his kids. In everything this man loved. His love is everywhere.”

It was just two days before his birthday when Angelil succumbed to a long two-year batter with cancer last week. Dion’s 59-year-old brother has also passed from cancer. A tribute will be paid at 2pm to 5pm and from 7pm to 9pm at Salon Charles Rajotte. His funeral will be on Monday Jan 25th.

Article: PEOPLE