Chick-Fil-A Challenges Families To Put Their Phone Away While Dining- Offering Incentives For Those That Do!

How, as parents, can we get our kids to put away their distractive cell phones, re-engage in conversation, and spend some time with the family during dinner time? Well, we don’t have that answer for you. But the Chicken Chain, Chick-Fil-A, seems to think they might have a way, with the “Family Challenge.”

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Family Chicken Restaurant Cell Phone Challenge Ice Cream

Image: Fox4News

They are called ‘cell phone coop” boxes, if next time you walk into one of their participating restaurants and see one sitting on top of the table. On the box it describes how the “Family Challenge” works:

  1. “Turn All Family Cell Phones On Silent And  Place In This Family Coop” (Box)
  2. “Enjoy Your Chic-Fil-A Meal And Each Other Distraction Free”
  3. “After The Meal, Let Us Know You Have Successfully Completed The Challenge And Each Of You Will Recieve A Free Ice-Cream Cone”

Brilliant, because really who can turn down free ice-cream?

A spokesperson from Chic-Fil-A, told Fox4News, “the concept was created by Brad Williams, who is the franchise owner of the Sugarloaf Corporate Center and Moore Road restaurants in metro Atlanta. Since the challenge began at the local level, Chick-fil-A does not have a list of participating restaurants, but a number of locations have requested the boxes.”

This sounds like something that could catch on, especially if it get families back to the dinner table to do things like talk, and listen again. What do you think is it a good idea? Would your family participate for free ice-cream?

Family Chicken Challenge Chick-Fil-A Restaurant Family Ice Cream Cell Phone

Image: Fox4News

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Article: Fox4News