Man Shall Not Live On Bread Alone

When a homeless man in Tennessee walked into a Chick-Fil-A asking if they had any left-over food, customers were so shocked at the kindhearted response from the manager, the story is going viral. (Continued Below)

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Chick Fil A Manager Prays Homeless Man Offers Hot Meal Kindhearted Response

Image: Facebook/ Joey Mustain

Instead of turning the man away in disgust as most people might, the manager reportedly gave him a hot meal and offered the man prayer. According to a facebook post by a customer who witnessed the event, Joey Mustain, wrote:

“All I could pick up on of the conversation was the manager saying that he’d love to give him a full, warm meal — not just scraps or extras — and the only thing he required was that the man let him pray with him. … As busy as they were, the manager stopped then and there, laid his hand on the man, and proceeded to pray. I heard love in that prayer.”

He Continues:

“The homeless man wasn’t some untouchable stain on business. He was the reason that store opened its doors this morning (or any morning). In a time when companies are trying to win in the market by neutralizing any possibility of offense, CFA is thriving because they unwaveringly cling to their principles and purpose.”

Mustain told his daughter to watch, as the two men prayed together right in the middle of the restaurant chain. She respectfully bowed her head along with the men as well.

Article: Breitbart