Burn Victims

A mother of two is raging mad after entrusting the care of her 5 and 7-year-old children with a daycare provider in Oklahoma, that left them out in the sun on a 110-degree day without sunscreen. According to the report by Inside Edition, after playing outside, they came home with enormous blisters the size of a fist, as well as scaling and cracked skin that covered their entire backs.

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This particular daycare provider has previously been cited over 19 times by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. Their mother Shauna Broadway, told KOTV News, “I am a single parent, I do all that I can.”

Both kids had to be airlifted to a burn center for treatment. Painful burns on their backs will take months to be properly treated and healed. All this could have been prevented had the daycare provided the children with the proper sunscreen protection as well as limited their time spent out in the blistering sun.

Video: Inside Edition