Olympic Chinese Swimmer Because An Instant Favorite!

People’s enthusiasm can truly be contagious, no matter the reasons behind their joy. There’s something about genuine happiness that simply brings a smile to one’s soul.

Recently, an elderly lady started jumping up and down and running to and fro, at a retailer that I visited. I didn’t know why she was so happy, but I too started smiling. Then, she started praising God, stating unapologetically, “Thank you, Jesus!” I leaned into her and told her that I loved her enthusiasm.

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Olympic Chinese swimmer, Fu Yuanhui has garnered many fans, due to her genuine excitement and almost innocent character.  When she was told that she came in at 58.9 seconds in the 100m backstroke, semi-final, qualifying to move to the final, she proclaimed, that she “used all my mystic energy” and that at times she thought that “living was not better than death.” Her gestures, as well as her comments and reaction, have made her an Olympic favorite.

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After the final for the 100m backstroke, Fu was told her time, and she gladly proclaimed that she had broken the Asian record. When reminded how she had used her “mystical energy” the day before, she said that she had, in fact, used it all up the day prior. That she was genuinely tired. When told that she was .01 seconds behind the silver medalist, she blamed the final result on her short arms. When asked about any thoughts that she wished to share, she started commenting about her lack of placing for a medal, not realizing that she had won the bronze!

May we always strive to be as genuinely happy as we can, not matter our circumstances!

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