A 26-year-old woman from Shandong province China, named Sun Lukang, has an amazing talent. Despite being born with a crippling disability called cerebral palsy which stripped her of the ability to use her hands, she has still managed to have 4 books published that she wrote entirely…with her feet. Not only that but all of her first-edition books were sold out in one day!

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Girl Cerebral Palsy No Hands Handicapped Disabled Writer Author Writes Novels With Her Feet

Image: Shanghaiist

“Sun Lukang, was a premature baby, born in a town called Nancun, just outside of Qingdao China in 1990. Six months after her birth, she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.” The cerebral palsy Sun had severely limited the use of her motor functions- primarily her hands, feet, and speech.

Before entering elementary school, Sun’s mother, Jie Jiang, began taking her to various specialists that would work with her on rehabilitation exercises.  Eventually, Sun was “encouraged by a specialist, [who] trained her to write with her feet [with a pencil] before she started school.”

With a lot of practice and encouragement, she started to master the difficult skill of using a pencil and writing with her feet. Eventually, however, using a pencil with her feet became a bit too much of a strain for her legs and toes. That all changed in 2002, when her father bought her, her first computer. After getting the computer, she started to practice constantly. Every day, she would type with her feet getting better and better until she was able to master the skill.

Along with her unique writing talent, Sun also had a love for books and collecting writing stories. That love naturally began to blossom into a passion which she has spent the past 10 years writing four books, that were published and sold out on the first day. Sun contributes her success in writing to her parents pushing her to try to achieve more in life.

Sun’s husband, Liu Defang, whom she married  just few weeks ago, says, ” Sun never complains about her life, always keeping a strong, cheerful and optimistic spirit.” Suns life has become an encouragement and an inspiration to many.

Article: Shanghaiist