Could Baby Chiropractors Be The Next Big Parental Craze?

Dr. Ian Rossborough is a physician from Melbourne Australia, with an interesting specialty- he does chiropractic services on babies and toddlers. With over 30 years experience in the chiropractic field, his controversial video has been viewed over 1 million times. Dr. Ians practice, however, has many medical professionals concerned because, while there is plenty of documented cases of injury and complications from spinal manipulation, there isn’t much research on the benefits of the service for babies or children. In this first video, Dr. Ian explains exactly what he does and why he does it.

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You can see Dr. Ian performing the procedure on a baby in the second video.

Dr. Ian explains the reasoning for why his controversial practice, exists in the first place, “The reason why we adjust babies is because the parents bring them to us. They’ve usually already been to the medical doctors, they’ve usually already been to the hospital, they’ve usually already been to a number of different places and they come to us in desperation.”

According to Dr. Ian, “more and more babies and children are receiving chiropractic care, and though it isn’t recommended as a first result, in many circumstances it could be beneficial for them. What we do is we check the spine. We check the spine like you would check the hearing and check the vision and check anything else when the baby is born to make sure it’s functioning well.”

An Orthopedic Surgeon From Melborn named Dr. John Cunningham, disagrees and says he was shocked to see the procedure preformed. “There would be risks that the child could suffer some sort of fracture. Why on Earth would you do that to a newborn?” he said.

This next video, shows Dr. Ian preforming the procedure on a 4-day-old baby with colic and reflux.

What do you think, is baby chiropractic services the next big thing? Or is it doing parents and children a dangerous disservice?

Article: NYPost

Video: Chiropractic Excellence