Fairytale Ending

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Escaped Unicorn Loose CHP Officers Police Fairytale Chase

Image: Youtube/ CNN

CHP officers in Madera, California, came upon a not-so-mythical scene yesterday when an escaped unicorn was spotted trotting alone along the roadway. The 500-pound pony with a horn named Juliet, sent officers on a wild goose chase when it escaped for the second time from a little girls birthday party. Causing quite a scene for unassuming passersby, the pony-at-large, was finally tracked down by CHP helicopters avoiding what could have been a tearful ending to the 3-hour pursuit.

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Officers arriving on the scene were finally able to wrangle the pony with the help of a neighbor who owned her own horses. All-in-all it was a fairytale ending for the little girl, as well as Juliet’s owners, Tatum and Sandra Boos, who says they “thanked God when the call came in that the unicorn was in custody.”

Article: CBS Sacramento

Video: CNN