Colony Of Christians Suffering From Leprosy Have Been Finally Helped After Being Neglected For Years!

In Biblical times, the disease of Leprosy was rampant among many nations. The uncleanliness that Leprosy caused prompted some rules withing God’s nation.

“Be careful against an infection of leprosy, that you diligently observe and do according to all that the Levitical priests teach you; as I have commanded them, so you shall be careful to do.- Deutoronomy 24:8

There is an isolated Christian leprosy colony in Odessa, India that has been neglected by the Hindu government for many years and receives no support from anyone other than Christian Freedom Int.

“The lepers have been living in a forsaken colony, with broken houses and little to no drinking water system. In winters, they suffer from cold weather and many get sick with no proper medical treatment. In summers, they don’t have water to drink. They have been using this small tap with pipe. The water comes rarely.”– Pastor Karma

At last they have means of obtaining a stable source of water! Praise be to God!

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Video: Christian Freedom Intl