What This Christian Woman Finds About Being ‘Single’ Is Mind-Blowing!

This Christian woman did some personal digging for information about being single. In the first letter to Corinthians, she found something that Paul told the early congregations of Corinth. It was specific to the people that had not yet found their spouse – the single young people.

e biggest perk is a undistracted devotion to God. Remember being single isn’t a bad thing. Have patience, don’t settle, and depend on The Lord who created our hearts! Let’s thrive! Love all of you.

“I wish that all of you could live as I do, unmarried. But the truth is all people are different, each gifted by God in various and dissimilar ways. To those who are unmarried or widowed, here’s my advice: it is a good thing to stay single as I do.”
– 1 Corinthians 7:7-8

The biggest perk of being single is the undistracted devotion to God that you have. The message is simple, have patience of when finding your spouse. Take advantage of your singleness and dedicate yourselves fully to God, AMEN!

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