Pastor Rajan Gill. (Morning Star News)

Pastor Rajan Gill. (Morning Star News)

Indian Police Involved With Attack On Christians In India

On one evening at around 4 P.M., three pastors visited the home of Ayaid Prasad in order to send prayers for his daughter who was ill at the time. Their meeting was cut short when a group of Hindu extremists—about 15—showed up. They then yelled at them to stop the visitations and proceeded to beat them using clubs. The victims suffered bruises, abrasions and even damage to their eardrums.

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Police were present during the attack, but not a single officer stepped in to help the pastors. In fact, the attackers were not arrested nor charged for their behavior. According to former Delhi Minorities Commission A.C. Michael, authorities raised suspicion that the pastors forced Ayaid Prasad and his family to convert to Christianity.

“The police asked us uncomfortable questions, like how much money we offered to people to convert them to Christianity,” stated one of the victims, Pastor Singh.

It wasn’t until a protest of 400 Christians occurred outside of a police station that charges were filed against the assaulters. One officer explained that it was not their business to get help with such events.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. There have been cases in the past years where anti-Christian groups would harass those they opposed. Many charges would be filed against the extremists, but rarely any action was taken.

“The police on duty seem to have a soft side for the attackers.”

Article: Morning Star News