How To Honor God When You Are Away From Your Family And Community

Now that school is in full effect, Christian college students need to be aware of temptations around them. College is the time period where young adults leave the protection and safety of their homes into a new journey of their very own. They are expanding their education, but also entering into a completely different world of freedom and nearly endless possibilities. Of course, most of us would go crazy in this kind of setting.

So for all the Christian college students reading this, it’s time for you to get grounded. God has allowed for you to experience this wonderful season in your life. Now it’s time for you to honor Him away from your family and church friends and community.

College is also a time for parents to grow. It’s season of transition and letting go. Your child has grown and it’s time to trust in the Lord that they will remember all that you have taught them.

For more advise on how to honor God in your college setting, watch the following video. For all the parents and family with newly enrolled college students, watch so that you can support and pray for them.

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Video: chaseGodtv