Man Believes His Wife Continues To Live Through This Christmas Plant

Image: CBC News

Image: CBC News

Frankie Allison lost his wife Maxine 19 years ago, around the time when Maxine won a poinsettia flower.  After her death, Allison continued caring for the plant, not expecting it to live much longer.

“They say that’s a miracle plant. They always say your wife is still with you.”

The poinsettia holds a special place in Allison’s heart and home because it belonged to his late wife. He’s been told by specialists that it is extremely rare that a poinsettia to live this long as a house plant. During Christmas time it blossoms, its green leaves turn a bright red, and filling his living room with memories of his beloved late wife

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Halifax man grows poinsettia for 19 yearsFrankie Allison has been growing a poinsettia in his Halifax living room for 19 years – the same plant his wife brought home just three days before she died of a heart attack in 1996.Full story here

Posted by CBC News on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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