Cities Are Allowing People To Pay Parking Fines With Food Donations!

Image: Helmut Corneli/imageBROKER/Corbis

Image: Helmut Corneli/imageBROKER/Corbis

Some cities in the U.S are allowing drivers to pay their parking fines with canned food or other food donations. Programs like “Food for Fines” aim to strike a sense of holiday spirit into the lives of people who would normally not give anything.

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Lexington, Kentucky, allows ticketed drivers to reduce parking fines by $15 if they donate 10 cans of food.
Boston is allowing to turn in a “non-violent, unwrapped toy of equal or greater value than the ticket fine” in replacement for payment.
In Albany, an amnesty program encourages people to donate food and waives late ticket fees during the holiday season for everyone. Such programs can also be found in Tallahassee and Savannah, Florida, and even the University of Delaware.

The spirit of giving back wasn’t only found in courthouses. Libraries, too, have accepted food replacement of payment for fines for years.

The goal for such programs is to strike a spirit of giving into the people who are donating. Indeed, giving food and toys to the needy feels much better than just giving out your money for a parking fine.

Article: SmithsonianMag