City Of Austin Plans To House ALL Homeless Vets In 2016

Homelessness for Veterans in America is a wide-spread and prevalent problem. The city of Austin Texas, however, is attempting to do something about it. As part of the Mayor’s initiative to end homelessness, he plans to see to it that ALL the cities homeless Veterans have suitable housing by 2016.

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Austin Texas Giving Homes Homeless Veterans

Image: Austin Skyline

It will be quite an undertaking for the City, but If all goes as planned, every Veteran will have a place they can call their own. Veterans in the program will be able to receive a voucher that pays up to $800 per month toward rent. “There are two problems that we face,” the Mayor says, “the first is finding landlords that are willing to take the vouchers, the second is that there is not enough affordable housing to begin with.”

For the estimated 200 homeless veterans still living on the street in Austin, the housing program is a welcomed supplement. Gary Robinson, who served in the Marine Corps explains, “Homelessness is the worst. Being homeless is worse than being in the penitentiary.” Gary went from living on the streets to living in his car. Now, taking advantage of the program, he has an apartment and will be graduating from Austin City College as an automotive Technician. “Having a home made that possible,” he told KXAN News.

Article: KXAN News
Video: EgyTV