Image: Daily Mail

Image: Daily Mail

Newborn Survives Thanks To Heroic Officer

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New Mother and heroic Police Officer, Fernanda Urrea, was called to the site of an abandoned “hours old” baby left in a remote forest in La Marina Colombia. The child was suffering from starvation and hypothermia but survives today because of the officer going above and beyond.

By using her own breast milk that otherwise would be used for her newborn, the officer fed the baby giving secondary response teams the time they needed to keep the baby alive. Medics said without the maternal support she provided the baby wouldn’t have made it. Urrea told local news outlets that, “I’m a new mother and I have milk and I recognised the needs that this poor little creature had.” She added, “I think any woman would have given her nourishment in the same circumstances.”

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Article: Daily Mail
Video: WorldNewsAZ