Jerusalem Of The United States?

In Colorado Springs, Colorado, one man is already underway in fulfilling plans to recreate the entire city of Jerusalem, in Colorado. The 700-acre, man-made city, once completed would be the first ever of it’s kind. His reasoning is that, “He believes that the United States deserves a holy site for people to visit, and what better than to replicate the holiest site ever built.”

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Jerusalem Building Construction Temple United States Colorado Man Build


The project, which is being called Herod’s Temple, has some pretty lofty goals. The hopes is that it will draw visitors and pilgrims from across the United States, to come see and experience the recreated ancient city in all of its grandeur.

Details in the plans include ways to address other needs of Colorado, for example, the website says that part of the city called “Antonia’s Fortress, will become a dedicated shelter for homeless and the poor.  We will have water, sewer and electricity in the structures but you most likely won’t be able to see them or notice them being there.  We plan to install the modern amenities without showing them in plain view.”

Included in the construction would be Herod’s Temple, Antonia’s Fortress, Herod’s Palace, City of David, Jesus’ crucifixion site, the High Priests Palace and all the small shacks and buildings that were scattered across the old city.

Project Building Layout Plans Jerusalem Biblical City United States Construction Colorado Biblical Ancient City


The total cost of the project once complete, will exceed $100,000,000, and that’s no small drop in the bucket- so he is looking for volunteers, companies, organizations, and wealthy individuals to help make that dream a reality.

What do you think? Would you want to see a replica of the Ancient biblical city here in the U.S.?

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Article: BreakingChristianNews