This Common Household Product Can Be The End Of Your Home

There is a household product that can serve its purpose in more ways than one but be careful where you place it because it can spontaneously combust when you least expect it.

Linseed oil is a common wood polish that can protect your gardening tools, revitalize damaged furniture and clean your fireplace.

Soaked rags of Linseed oil have cost families their homes due to unsafe storage.

“I had put it sort of folded on itself into a corner of the garage,” Sherri Prentiss told ABC News after her 2012 house fire. “That was about 5 p.m., and by 9 p.m. that night our garage was on fire,” she said. “There were flames shooting 30 feet into the sky.”

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In 2014, Shannon Priddy lost her Maryland home after the contractors that she hired left coated rags under the deck. The destruction can easily be avoided. Stash the dry rags in a covered metal container, and let air them out before putting them inside.

Video: ABC