Lost And Found

A song called “Songs of Constellations” had been lost to the world since the 11th century. It is a “medieval musical retelling of Roman philosopher Boethius’s magnum opus, The Consolation of Philosophy,” and it hasn’t been heard in over 1000 years! Now with the help of the University of Cambridge researchers, we can listen to an excerpt of the song that has been lost for over a millennium.

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Reconstructing the song from the Middle ages has been no easy task. The entire performance, which is well over an hour gives off a rather whimsical and dream-like feeling while “latin lyrics of chanting monks evoke images of medieval Cathedrals.”

The nearly impossible task was achieved after the rediscovery of an 11th-century manuscript that was stolen from Cambridge University and lost for nearly a century and a half. Sam Barrett, Musicologist from Cambridge University, “has spent over 20 years identifying the techniques used to set these verse forms.”

Working with the recovered manuscript, the 3-piece musical ensemble was able to piece together 80-90% of the medieval melody bringing it back to life once again.

Article: Gizmodo

Video: Cambridge Universtiy