Couple Unexpectedly Adopts 5 Siblings At One Time

Tyler and Beth Nicholas, from Mansfield Texas, were hoping to adopt children. They were inspired by Tyler’s grandfather, who was part of the foster care system as a child and had been separated from his siblings. Even though they found each other later in life, Tyler’s grandfather had always had an underlying sadness to him. So when the couple knew that one day they wanted to adopt children they were determined to adopt a group of children. Little did they know, however, that they would soon get the chance.

“The thing that has held us together was creating one big family, one big team that would take on the world.”

“If we could keep a family together, that’s what we would really like to do.” the Nicholas’ said. Initially, they were only looking to adopt a few children and certainly were expecting no more than four. But sometimes fate has different plans, and soon the opportunity came to them in the form of a phone call.

When they were told about the opportunity to adopt a group of five sibling children from South America including a baby they went through every emotion they could have.  These children, “Yohan (9), Patty (8), Wilson (7), Oscar (6) and Heidy (4)” needed a family, and it really was what they had asked for, but they had also never raised children before. The thought was thrilling, and overwhelming, joyous and scary all at the same time.

They decided to just jump into the adoption with both feet, and soon, they were on their way to South America to pick up their new children. “Not only did they have no parenting experience, but they were in an unfamiliar country where they had seven weeks to engage with and form a bond with the untrusting siblings. The close-knit band of brothers and sisters had to relearn what a parental figure was supposed to be.”

The oldest sister, Patty, who was only 6-years-old at the time, and had acted as the “authority” over the sibling children for the most part. Forced into that role so early on, Patty, had lost her own identity having to turn herself into a “mother” at such an early age. The stress had already taken a toll on the child, and you could tell that she had developed severe anxiety.

Check out the rest of the Nicholas’ story in the video below:

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Article/ Video: LittleThings