Woman Returns Home After 3 Weeks In Hospital From Car Accident

A woman finally returns home after recovering from her injuries caused by a falling tree.

On July 3rd, young couple Kara Smith and Gage Ford were on their way to meet some friends for dinner when a falling tree landed on their car. She did not remember anything after that.

“The next thing I knew, I was in the hospital.”

She sustained wounds that consisted of abrasions to the face, a broken wrist and other shoulder and spine injuries. Gage also suffered serious injuries and is recovering under a medically induced coma.

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The couple, who are also parents, have known each other since the age of 4 as they went to church together. Kara is now 27, and she claims that it is nothing short of a miracle that they survived the devastating event. It also further proved to her that she is in a relationship that can take on anything.

“Back to working, and making money and stuff. Got a kid to take care of; can’t do that sitting around the house.”

Video & Article: WTVR