This Video Below Will Leave You In Happy Tears

Dennis and Carita Chen had been struggling with fertility for 9 years. The couple decided to adopt a child, seeing as that was the only option for them to have a child. Dennis had compared the adoption process, to his spiritual adoption from God.

God had decided that their answer was in a child they had to wait for.

Carita elaborates on the moment they first meet their son:

“The nurse showed us on this little pad, that this baby boy didn’t have a name. He didn’t belong to anybody but in the very instance where the nurse looked at us and said ‘so what’s his name?’, and we both said together ‘His name is Jacob’. And in that moment our little baby boy had a name, and he was known”. 

The couple’s prayers had been answered beautifully. All those years of prayers were answered the moment they held baby Jacob in their arms. God always had a plan to make their family whole. HE was in control and delivered a beautiful baby boy to them.

Source: The Austin Stone