You Won’t Believe The Turn Around That Happened For This Lovable Dog

When Caren and Tony from the rescue foundation Rudozem Street Dog Rescue, in Bulgaria, was alerted on facebook to a helplessly abused dog alone on the street- they made the nearly 50-mile journey to come to her aid. She was crippled, suffering from malnutrition, along with one of the most extreme cases of mange that rescuers had ever seen. Almost immediately after finding the sickly dog, they knew that they were her only hope of recovery. It was one of the worst cases of abuse the street dog rescue organization had seen.

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Sick Injured Dog Khaleesi Rescue Organization Street

Image: Viral Nova

A local news story had covered the dog previously, telling people to beware there was a sick dog on the loose but was “calling for her to be caught and destroyed in case she was diseased.” By the state of her health, there was little time to waste and every moment that passed, any hope that remained, began to dwindle.

The team from Rudozem Street Dog Rescue explains, ” We have seen the abuse that even healthy-looking street dogs suffer – they are routinely kicked, chased, and have things thrown at them. We could only imagine what this poor dog might be going through.

Dog Rescued Near Death Street Saved Deformed Sick

Image: Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

When they arrived on the scene one of the team members recalls, “I spotted her on the other side of a roundabout.  All I could think about was getting to her. When Tony called her and she came straight over, cowering as she approached us, but desperate for contact. Scooping the sick and dying dog in his arms, Tony, brought the dog back to the truck.” During the drive back to the shelter they discussed what to name the poor girl. “We wanted a name that meant something because we knew that if she was to make it she had to be strong. I decided to call her “Khaleesi” after the character from “Game of Thrones.”

Dog Hair Grows Recovered Healthy Turnaround Comeback

Image: Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

When they first got her back, there was already no room for her in any of the kennels. They decided to set up an area in the kitchen for Khaleesi and tried their best to make her as comfortable as possible. “They gave her pain-killers, antibiotics, as well as a worm treatment.  Then they bathed her. During the bath, much of the dead skin began to come off, with the treatment she was now getting; they expected the hair now had a chance to grow back.”

Addressing her wounds was the longest process. It looked at first as if she had two broken front legs, but after assessing the injury more completely, they realized they were deformities caused by broken legs healing improperly. So they gave her a cast and “extra medication for the condition.”

Rescued Dog Injured Broken Legs Cast Help

Image: Viral Noa

The next day, Khaleesi was already  in better spirits, “she greeted me with a lick and allowed me to stroke and reassure her.” Despite the abuse she received at the hands of people, she was happy to be around ones that cared.

Recovery Dog Healed Saved Rescuers Help

Image: Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

From there Khaleesi was on an arduous journey to recovery. Trust and love became a major part of her turn-around. After the Rudozem Street Dog Rescue foundation provided the medical attention, care, and all the love that she needed to recover, today she is hardly recognizable. She doesn’t even look like the same dog.

Here is Khaleesi today:

Sick Hurt Dog Saved Rescued Street Animals

Image: Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

On facebook, the organization has been giving updates on Khaleesi’s condition and “a number of people have asked whether they can give Khaleesi a home.  When she is fully recovered and has completed all the medical tests, we will then assess her to see whether she is suitable for adoption.  We are very grateful for your interest and will of course, update you on her progress.”

“Khalessi truly is a beautiful girl and fully deserves her name.”

Street Dog Rescue Foundation Saves Sick Injured Animal

Image: Rudozem Street Dog Rescue

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