Cyber-Bullies Make Fun Of Cancer Patient, But You Won’t Believe The Amount Of Support She Got From The Rest Of Her School

Texas teen Nicole Pfister was with a form of leukemia. When she took to social media to explain her situation, she was explicitly attacked by some cyberbullies over her diagnosis.

One student from her high school posted a picture of Nicole onto Instagram accompanied by a rather tasteless knock knock joke:

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?”

“Not your white blood cells, thats for sure.” #cancer

There was another student that commented atrocities in one of her pictures, telling her things like “embarrassing” and “kill yourself”. People in charge at the Laredo, Texas school told ABC News that they are conducting an investigation to deal with those responsible for the hateful comments.

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“We took the information and this morning I talked to the administrator at the ninth grade. We are dealing with students and the appropriate measures will be taken to stop the nonsense,” Albert Aleman, principal of United High School told ABC News.

The amazing part of this story is that not all Nicole’s showed hatred. In fact, once they found out about the incident, her whole school showed their full-pledged support. She walked into school one day to see a sea of orange with her Last name on it.


Image: CustomINK

Image: CustomINK

Article: ABC News