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What Happens With These Old Crayons Is Simply Amazing!

Back in 2011, one question came to Bryan Ware’s mind while eating dinner at a restaurant with his wife and two boys. As he watched his children draw on the paper cloth with the crayons that were given to him he thought:

What happens to these crayons after we leave if we don’t take them with us?”

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The Crayon Initiative Facebook

He then asked a restaurant employee what happens with the leftover crayons. He was dismayed to learn that every crayon that had been put on the tables were later thrown away after customers left. No matter if all or just a little bit of the crayons were used.

The Crayon Initiative Facebook

He was convinced that the crayons’ lives didn’t have to end so early so he made it his mission to find a way to get the unwanted crayons into “as many childrens’ hands as possible.”

The Crayon Initiative Facebook

In 2013, Ware had founded The Crayon Initiative. This nonprofit organization’s mission is to repurpose old, unusable crayon wax into new crayons and distribute them to children’s hospitals all across California.

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