Beware The Subtle Signs

When Kylie Armstrong, noticed 3 small dimples on her breast, she decided it might be smart to go to her doctor to see what was going on. At first, her doctor didn’t seem too concerned but still ordered a mammogram just in case. When Kylie’s results came back, she never expected these words to come out of her doctor’s mouth. “You have Breast Cancer”

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Image: Facebook/ Kylie Armstrong

The dimples were the only visible sign that Kylie had the terrible disease, which scans found deep inside her breast, near her muscle. It was devastating news, to say the least, how could she not have noticed the signs.

Cancer can be unpredictable at times, not always showing up as a serious symptom or a lump in the breast; at times the signs can be subtle.

In a post on Facebook, Armstrong wrote, “These 3 very, very, subtle DIMPLES on the bottom of this breast are a sign of BREAST CANCER. This is what MY BREAST CANCER looks like. I felt no lump. The GP felt no lump.”

While cases of dimples being a sign of cancer are rare and much less common than finding a lump, it can still be a sign of cancer hidden in the breast tissue.

Australian Breast Physician, Sue Frasier, explains, “Dimpling is usually a sign something is pulling on the tissue, and sometimes, a small cancer that is in the breast can alter some of the architecture and attach itself to the skin,”

If you do regular checks at home to look for small lumps, it may be smart to begin adding any irregularities like dimples to your checklist as well.

Armstrong want’s others to be aware, and urges people with this plea, “Please go straight to your GP if you notice ANY change in your breast. It could save your life.”

Article: Cosmopolitan