Image: WISN

Image: WISN

He Had Waited For More Than Half An Hour

In this incident, D’Arcee Neal was not given the full attention he needed. The man who has cerebral palsy and had just attended a meeting in San Francisco about disabled accessibility had no other option to get off the plane after flight attendents failed to provide him with an Aisle Chair.

He had waited for more than half an hour for flight attendants to bring him a wheelchair but one never came.

Neal tells reporters,

“I expected them to ask to assist me, but they just stared… So I was like, I don’t have time for this, and I decided to get out and crawl, down the plane to my chair.”

After crawling all the way to the terminal, he then got into a wheelchair that had been waiting with flight attendants and left the airport.

United Airlines is apologizing for this horrible mistake.

United spokesman says in a statement,

“As customers began to exit the aircraft, we made a mistake and told the agent with the aisle chair that it was no longer needed, and it was removed from the area… When we realized our error — that Mr. Neal was onboard and needed the aisle chair — we arranged to have it brought back, but it arrived too late.”

God has taught us throughout the Bible to always treat others how we would like to be treated ourselves. We pray that something like this never happens again.

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Article/Video: WISNABC 13