A Wisconsin based artist which goes by the name Pugletto grew frustrated whens he saw others trying to interpret Lion King characters as humans.  She decided to do her own interpretations to show everyone what our favorite Disney Characters would look like as human!

Samba looks cheerful as ever in Pugletto’s interpretation of our favorite Lion!
SimbaSimba Human

Simba and Nala as human children look just as adorable as they torment Zazu!
Little Simba

Little Simba Human


Kovu looks just as majestic human as he does as a Lion after he gained some confidence!

Kovu Human


Our favorite Hyena trio gets a nose job and looks a little more sinister in their human adaptations!Hyenas

Hyenas Human

Balto and Jenna have a moment that truly shows the light within our hero!

Balto Human

Lady and Tramp shows us that true love has no place for social class!
Lady and Tramp

Lady and Tramp Human


O’Malley looks like he’s just as smooth as a human when he’s trying to sweep Duchess off his feetO Mailey

O Malley HumanSource:  Pugletto Tumbler