Doctor Was Able To Do 3 Heart Transplants In Under 34 Hours!

3 successful heart transplants

Image: KTUU

It was the most difficult task for  Nebraska Medicine’s Dr. John when he went in to work on April 11th. On average, a heart transplant takes six to eight hours. But when Dr. John went in to work, he didn’t know that in the following 34 hours, he would need to perform 3 heart transplants. Patient Luke Kollars was first up, his lasted nearly seven hours!

Then again on April 12 around 2 a.m., just 12 hours after finishing up on Luke, Dr. Um was back at it again. This time patient Harvey Brandy was up next for the extremely delicate surgery.

If two heart transplants within 24-hours isn’t nerve-shattering enough, the Nebraska Medicine doctor was in for a surprise.

Just 2 hours after Harvey Brandy’s transplant ended, a heart became available for Curt Spethman. Of course, Dr. Um performed the surgery without question amounting to a total of three heart transplants in 34-hours!

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Video: KTUU