Scientists Have Claimed To Have Found A Vaccine For The Zika Virus!

Scientists at an India Hyderabad lab are claiming that they have developed the world’s first vaccine against the deadly virus Zika. In fact, they have gone on to say that they have developed two.

Just recently, the World Health Organisation has labeled Zika as a global health emergency that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It is claimed that more than 20 countries in Latin America have reported some sort of outbreak of the Zika  virus. So far, there has only been one report in the USA, which was in Texas when a rare case of the virus was reported – of which was transmitted through sex.

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The Bharat Biotech International Limited in Hyderabad says it has patented theZika vaccine.

“On Zika, we are probably the first vaccine company in the world to file a vaccine candidate patent about nine months ago,” said Dr. Krishna Ella, Chairman and Managing Director, Bharat Biotech Ltd.

According to Bharat Biotech, they used a live Zika virus to develop 2 potential vaccines. Taking them through animal and human trials might prove to be long, even with the help of the Indian Council of Medical Research.

“We have just been informed about the Zika vaccine candidate that Bharat Biotech has. We will examine it from the scientific point of view and see the feasibility of taking it forward. It is a good example of a Make in India product,” said Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, pediatrician and Director General, ICMR.

Because such vaccine will bring great profit to Dr Ella, the company has pursued the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure that the vaccine development is given top priority.

Article: NDTV