Ultrasound Shows A Strange Sight

An ultrasound turned into a point of discord among experts and family members, as what appears to be a duck (no, seriously) has revealed itself inside one Mother’s womb. Doctors were equally stumped at the scan of Courtney Fenwick, 28, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

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Baby Ultrasound Shocks Doctors Birth Duck Family

Image: Mirror.co

Courtney told Mirror Online: “It was my husband who spotted the duck. He said it looks like a mallard because it has a ring around its neck. Another spiritualist friend had suggested it could be an “animal spirit guide” along with the unborn child. All our family and friends thought it was really funny and they bought her lots of duck toys.”

“We showed it to another ultrasound tech who said she had never seen anything like it and had no idea what it was. They’re all stumped as to what the ‘duck’ could be.” (Continued Below)

Baby Daughter Ultrasound Duck Mother Doctors Shocked

Image: Mirror.co

Despite the impossibility and laughableness of the situation, it wasn’t an easy pregnancy for Courtney. The Mirror reports, she developed diabetes and the baby was situated in a breech position during the gestation. Doctors knew the breech of the child would require to be removed by C-Section, making the entire pregnancy anything but normal.

Daughter Duck Ultrasound Shocks Doctors Family

Image: Mirror.co

Despite the odd circumstances Courtney’s daughter Laura was born. That too was not without difficulty as she had to be rushed straight to the NICU appearing to have breathing difficulties. Fortunately, after five days she pulled through. Today, she is a healthy, happy two-year-old.

Article: Mirror.co